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Student Help Page

Use the links below for research help                                               


 World Book Reminders                                       


                                                        Click here for MLA Format Instructions

                                                        Click here for MLA  Formating Sample


MLA Help

Purdue On-line Writing Lab 

Easy Bib 

Bib Me MLA Citation Handbook  


Chromebook helpful hints

Ctrl + B = Bold

Ctrl + I = Italicize

Ctrl + U = Underline

Crtl = Z = undo

Highlight then Ctrl + C = Copy highlighted portion

Highlight then Ctrl + X = Cut highlighted portion

Ctrl + V = Paste Copied/Cut portion at cursor

Ctrl + P = Print

Ctrl + A = Select/Highlight All

Tab = Indent (word doc.)

  Move to Next Item (web page)

Ctrl + L = Left Alignment

Ctrl + E = Center Alignment

Ctrl + R = Right Alignment

Ctrl + Shift + P = Change Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + F = Change Font Style 

Scroll up and down: Use two fingers to slide no the track pad.

scroll down: space bar

Drag and drop: tap on the item you want to drag. with second finger drag, when you remove both finders it will drop

Right click: Click with both fingers

Zoom in: ctrl +

Zoom out: ctrl -

reset to 100%: ctrl 0

Rotate screen ctr shirft refresh 

See for complete shortcuts

Alt  + 0612 = ¢

Alt + 248 Degree ° 

In Google Docs, a complete set of characters can be found under the “insert” pull down menu under “Special Characters”. This is where you will find the Spanish symbols 


Spanish Symbols On Google Docs

In your Document or presentation:

Go to the Insert pull down menu

  Scroll down to "Special Characters"

  Type into the search bar the letter or English symbol

   Scroll over and click on the symbol you wish to insert