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Famished for Fiction

Famished for Fiction

Scroll through the slideshow for this year's Famished for Fiction topics and books! 

What is Famished for Fiction? 

Each month, the Gemini librarians team up with the librarians from the Niles Maine District Library and Morton Grove Public Library to bring you the book suggestions that you've been craving. All you need to do is bring your lunch and a pass, sit back, and take in the recommendations we have in store for you. Each month, there will be a different theme of books presented to you. 

How do I attend Famished for Fiction?

Before each scheduled event, you will need to get a pass from the library or your ELA teacher. You will attend during Advisory and Lunch, so you will need to get your lunch at the start of the period. Bring your lunch and your pass up to the library, and you are ready to go! 

What if I can't attend or just want to know what books were discussed? 

At the top of this page, there is a Google Slideshow of the books that we discussed and the topic of each Famished for Fiction. Feel free to check this out anytime! Just find the slide that you want and click on the book that interests you. You are welcome to join us once, twice, or every single month! You can attend any Famished for Fiction, even if you missed the one before it.