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Home-School Connection

Gemini students are encouraged to engage in conversations around the content they are learning at school with people in their homes and their communities.   The purpose of the home-school connection is to provide opportunities for students to review and reinforce concepts at home, make emotional connections to the material, and develop problem solving skills.  

Each week, a  different department will post a home-school question below to foster discussions with topics they are currently learning in their classes.  If you have any questions related to the questions, please reach out to your child's department teacher. 

Week of May 6th (Electives):

  • Art (7th)
    • Our recent art project involved creating whimsical Mexican folk art sculptures called alebrijes. These sculptures depict mythical creatures with vibrant colors and intricate patterns made up of a combination of different animals. In our project, students combined parts of different animals that represent their personality traits. Here's a question to discuss with your child: What aspects of your personality did you consider when selecting the animals to incorporate into your alebrijes? How did you express these traits through your design choices and the combination of different animal features?
  • Art (6th, 8th)
    • As we prepare for our Ceramics Unit of study in Art class think about all the functional pottery you and your family use daily. Do you have a favorite bowl to eat out of? Do your parents have a favorite coffee mug or cup they enjoy using? Is there a piece of pottery in your house that has been passed down from previous generations or from another country or culture? What makes these everyday objects special to us?
  • Band/Orchestra (6-8th)
    • Ask a family member if they played an instrument when they were younger. If so, discuss the similarities and differences to your own current experience. If not, ask them what instrument they would play if they could and why.
    • What was your most challenging music we worked on this year and do you have any musicians in your family who you played for and/or were able to have them help you? What similar experiences did your family members have if they were school musicians?
  • Choir (6-8th)
    • What qualities of being a good choir ensemble member can apply to other areas of your life?
  • Creative Writing (7th)
  • Drama (7-8th)
    • Have you ever had to memorize anything? How did you do it?
  • Drawing (7th)
    • Our recent drawing project involved students creating realistic animal portraits using the unique medium of scratch art. This medium challenges the traditional approach to drawing, as instead of adding darkness with pencil or charcoal, students reveal white by scratching away the black surface. Here are a couple questions to spark conversation: How did you adapt to the challenge of creating highlights and details by 'subtracting' from the black scratch paper, rather than adding darkness as in traditional drawing? Which drawing technique (hatching, cross-hatching, scumbling, or stippling) did you choose to depict the texture of your animal and why? 
  • FACS on the Go (6th)
    • Ask your family members if they have ever tried hand sewing before.
      -If they say “yes” they have tried hand sewing before, ask them what projects they have worked on and how it made them feel.
      -If your family members say “no” they have not tried hand sewing before, teach them about the benefits of hand sewing!
  • FACS (7-8th)
    • Q1: Do we have any family recipes? Where did it/they start?
      Q2: What is your favorite cooking show? Why?
      Q3: Do you have a favorite recipe? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
    • Fill out the document
  • Music (6th)
    Imagine you were asked to teach someone how to play ukulele who has never played the instrument before. What do you think are the 3 most important things that person needs to learn to be a successful ukulele player?
  • Mustang Video Productions (6th)
    • When you were younger, did you ever make videos for school projects? What was it like, and what advice do you have for me as I work on my own video project?
  • Photography (8th)
    • Students just finished their Google Site projects! This is their online Photography Portfolio and includes work they have done this semester. Students, show off your work by presenting your portfolio to your family. Be sure to share one of your reflections too!
  • Exploratory Spanish (6th)
    • Students just completed the "Numeros" Unit. Have your student count as high as they can in Spanish for you... they know numbers 0-100.
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (6th)
    • Cuenta a algún miembro de tu familia sobre nuestro protagonista, Carlos. Explícale cómo es diferente Carlos y que, por ser diferente, algunos personajes son crueles con él. Pregúntale al miembro de tu familia que escoges que comparta contigo una vez que alguien le trató mal o cruel por ser diferente.
      Tell a family member about our protagonist, Carlos. Explain how Carlos is different and that for being different some characters treat him cruelly. Ask the family member of your choice to share with you a time that they were treated badly or cruelly for being different.
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (7th)
    • Describe a algún miembro de tu familia nuestra unidad de Encanto y el análisis del personaje que hiciste. Todos los miembros de la familia Madrigal son únicos y aportan algo importante a su familia. Enseña al miembro de tu familia tu proyecto del árbol genealógico. Explícale por qué incluiste a las personas que incluiste y cómo cada miembro aporta algo importante a la familia.
      Describe to a family member our unit on Encanto and the character analysis that you did. Each of the members of the Madrigal family are unique and add something important to the family. Show your family member your family tree project. Explain why you included the members you did and how each member adds something important to the family.
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (8th)
    • Hemos acabado nuestra unidad sobre la pandilla La Mara Salvatrucha 13. Platicamos mucho sobre las decisiones que uno toma y cómo nuestras decisiones tienen consecuencias y también sobre cómo una decisión puede empezar una cadena de varios otros efectos. Habla con uno de los miembros de tu familia y pide que comparta contigo una vez que tuvo que tomar una decisión importante. ¿Cuáles eran los efectos de esa decisión? ¿Cambiaría la decisión hoy en día si pudiera? ¿Por qué sí o por qué no?
      We have finished our unit on the Mara Salvatrucha 13. We talked a lot about how the decisions a person makes, how our decisions have consequences, and also how one decision can start a chain of a variety of other effects. Talk to one of your family members and ask them to share a time they needed to make a difficult decision. What were the effects of that decision? Would they make a different decision today? Why or why not?
  • Spanish 1 (7-8th)
    • Students should open their online copy of the class novel 'Brandon Brown dice la verdad' found in their Google Classroom. Go to Chapter 1, pages 1-3. Students should read aloud that text in Spanish and then translate it into English!
  • Spanish 2 (8th)
    • Impress your family with your awesome Spanish reading skills! Read them the short excerpt found in Google Classroom about La Tomatina in Spanish. Then, explain to them about "La Tomatina" in English. Finally, ask them if they have ever been to or would like to go to a fun cultural festival.
  • Technically  Speaking (6th)
    • Talk to your family about your "Digital Footprint" - all the information about you that is available online. Use the four tips on this website to brainstorm ideas about how you can keep your personal information safe, and how you can create a positive Digital Footprint.
  • Wellness (7-8th)
    • Everyone experiences stress sometimes. Everyone experiences stress differently. Everyone manages stress in a variety of ways.
      Discuss with your family the following questions:
      1. Describe a time when stress affected you positively or negatively.
      2. What stress relief and self-care activities have you tried before? Which ones do you like?