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Drama Students: Did you Know?

Strengthen Academic Performance Through Creativity

  • Because the arts stress creative thinking and analytical skills, students who have a strong background in the arts are more likely to outperform academically their peers who do not.
    • Source: Why Business Should Support the Arts: Facts, Figures and Philosophy, Business, Committee for the Arts.
  • Students who receive education in the arts outperform those who don’t in nearly every subject.
    • Source: “Curtain Call” - A report published by the National Education Association, 2004

Know the Facts!

Research proves that drama education has many benefits: 

  • Enhances Learning! - Students who have access to drama education experience improved reading comprehension, higher standardized test scores, better attendance records, and are generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts. 
    • The Imagination Project at UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, University of California at Los Angeles, September 1999. 
  • Improves Test Scores! - Students involved in drama performance scored an average of 65.5 points higher on the verbal component and 35.5 points higher on the math component of the SAT
    • 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005 reports by the College Entrance Examination Board. Data for these reports was gathered by the Student Descriptive Questionnaire, a self-reported component of the SAT that gathers information about students' academic preparation. A table of average scores for arts involved students gleaned from this report can be found at:
  • Motivates Students! - Students considered at high risk for dropping out of high school cite drama and other arts classes as motivation for staying in school
    • Wisconsin Education Association Council From "On WEAC" by Ryan Hurley